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RSP #167: Diversifying Your Income with Rachael Herron

Great episode on RSP this week (so sad that Simon is only posting biweekly instead of weekly now; it’s my favourite show!) One thing I want to note for later is using WordPress’s Redirection plugin to have “evergreen links” in the front/back matter of books. Rachael makes a short URL on her blog and points the link in her book to it, and then just updates the link to tell it to redirect to different places. This is useful for lots of reasons:

  • You never have to update all the books, just the redirect on WordPress; this would save a lot of work as the number of books increases.
  • You can send everyone to the same newsletter sign-up page in the end, but have different links in the front/back of books so you’re able to segregate.
  • You can have a placeholder on your site for a book coming soon, then redirect to amazon or Kobo when it comes out (although I think I’d have to be careful about not using Amazon affiliate links; I remember reading somewhere that redirecting to affiliate links might be a no-go).

It’s essentially a service like bit.ly, but you own the whole process without having to go through a third party. I like it!

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