S. J. Kelley

New host and website is live!

After reading on KBoards about some author blogs on the free services that got taken down for no apparent reason, I decided that I really wanted to have full control over my website, so I bought a 3-year hosting plan and switched from Blogger to WordPress. The transition wasn’t all that painful; there’s a great plugin to import posts from Blogger, and then it was just a matter of cleaning up a few things. I’m actually enjoying WordPress very much! I’m not sure if it differs from the free version on wordpress.com, but the install on my domain is fantastic. So flexible.

One thing I really like is how categories are displayed hierarchically and how I can use tags for SEO. Not sure if I’m doing it correctly or not, but I love classifying things, heh. I’ve gone through all of my old posts to try to make it easier to find posts on different topics.

In the course of setting everything up, I’ve added a few things that I’d like to note here in case I have to re-install, or in case you’re setting up your own WordPress blog! I’ve added:

  • A google analytics dashboard so I can see popular posts — Blogger had this but it was almost impossible to get it to stop tracking my own actions; here it’s easy peasy!
  • A breadcrumb trail to help with navigation
  • A plugin to allow me to put in custom CSS (you’ll see this in the works when I get my book review library page up and running)
  • A redirection plugin so that links won’t break if I change my post sorting rules
  • Updated permalink formatting

I still have to go through old posts that have internal links or pictures to fix them up, but other than that I’m back in business!

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