S. J. Kelley

Writing in Public: Days 2-4

The weekend was a flop. Kids’ first day of summer was Friday, and there were birthday parties to attend. When I look at the table below, and assess it objectively, I see a person who isn’t committed to this. But I have to be. I want to write 10k a week. That’s about 1430 words per day. Would love to write 2k/day, but I’ve only written more than 1k/day 12 times since I started tracking in January 2015… yes, I’ve made progress and almost have 40k written now, but it’s a slow slog that has to speed up. Onwards!

Book 1:
Day   1 (Thu, Jun 23/16) …..    840 words ….. 38,881 total
Day   2 (Fri, Jun 24/16) …..      0 words ….. 
Day   3 (Sat, Jun 25/16) …..      0 words ….. 
Day   4 (Sun, Jun 26/16) …..      0 words ….. 
Week  1 total …………….    840 words ….. 210/day avg

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