S. J. Kelley

To serialize or not to serialize

When I woke up a little past midnight tonight my brain was ruminating over whether or not to serialize my first book to take advantage of putting it in Kindle Unlimited and having ‘many books’ available right out of the gate.  My brain refused to turn off until an hour later, despite the fact that I have to wake up at 4:30…

Anyway, I was thinking of doing something along the lines of what Sean Platt, Johnny Truant, and David Wright of the Self Publishing Podcast do with their seasons and episodes. They’ve amassed quite a few of them now, so I was trying to figure out how long each one was. I’ve separated them into works with Sean and Johnny, and works with Sean and Dave, because when Johnny writes the first draft I find they tend to go longer and if edited could have been about 20% shorter. Kindle estimates on the high end of the standard 250 – 350 words per page and uses 350, so the word counts below are going by the page length of their complete seasons for season 1:

The episodes have chapters in them that run about 2-3k each.

Well, now I’ve used an hour of my writing time to satisfy my brain munchings and set up the above with Amazon affiliate links, so I should head back to actually writing the stuff I may or may not eventually serialize.

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