S. J. Kelley

Week of Feb 2, 2015: Week 2 of data collection

Now entering week 2 of data collection. Last week I spent 6:15 writing and wrote 1707 words. This week I’m up to 10:10 writing, and wrote 2404 words. My WPH is going down, but at least I’m getting more on the page overall. It’s a far cry from my 4403 words per week goal, but I’m getting there.

I have the day off of my full-time job on Tuesday and rather than going on a date with my husband I’m going to spend half the day working on lectures, and the other half on writing. I’m 3388 words behind and have to catch up! The red numbers on my spreadsheet really scream how far I’m getting behind, and it’s certainly driving me to write and get back in the green. Maybe I’ll reward myself with a movie date once I’m back on track, heh.

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