S. J. Kelley

Just keep swimming

I always dislike those blogs that start off with good posts and then randomly go quiet, followed by an apologetic post saying the author has to get back to writing. And yet here I find myself.

The good news is that I no longer have two jobs; my teaching commitments ended last week as I passed in over 200+ graded exams, so that was a great relief. I now only have one student to mentor through the summer, so my workload has drastically reduced — just one full-time job for the next 4 months!

Unfortunately my “life load” has increased… my oldest son was recently diagnosed with a medical condition which requires a significant amount of time and effort to help remedy, and this will persist for the foreseeable future. We weren’t surprised by the diagnosis (and are grateful to have it, as we can now obtain the therapy he needs), but it’s difficult to squeeze the extra appointments and sessions into our schedule. But we do it!

Awhile back, I wrote a post on how I’m trying to¬†squeeze my writing into the early morning or late evening, but I found that if I stay up at night I just take care of random chores that need to be done; bring stuff like dealing with finances, trying to sell off the stuff in our basement, etc. If I went to bed early and tried to get up at 4am, I was still so tired that I’d just hit snooze even if I’d had 7 or 8 hours sleep by that point. I find this tragically ironic, because I always get up for work no matter how little sleep I’ve gotten, so deep down I feel like I just mustn’t be motivated enough to write.

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