S. J. Kelley

Perhaps someday someone will read this

So I’ve started this blog and purchased a domain. I think my plot has to be more developed before I should call myself an aspiring writer, but if hope and enthusiasm are equally important perhaps I could claim the label now.

While the overwhelming statistics state that all that I write here (or elsewhere for that matter) will end up lost in obscurity, I have this delusional fantasy that someday I will be a famous writer who has sold thousands of books. Of course this also makes me insanely paranoid; what if someone pokes around in my blog to see how this all started and discovers that my first entry is grammatically flawed or poorly structured? If that turns out to be you 5 (10? 15?) years from now, please note: this blog documents an informal, personal journey along my path to becoming an Indie Author, and is the one place where I don’t have to be as critical of my delivery!

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